Book Musik 054 – Common Tones: Selected interviews with artists and musicians 1995-2020 – discussion with author Alan Licht

Common Tones-Selected interviews with artists and musicians 1995-2020 conversation with author Alan Licht

Tosh and Kimley discuss Common Tones: selected interviews with artists and musicians 1995-2020 with author Alan Licht. Alan is a musician and writer and his multidisciplinary approach to creativity is just one of the many things that he has in common with his subjects. The majority of his interviewees are active in some combination of music, writing, film, and the visual arts. There’s a creative perspective and aesthetic that flows through this collection of interviews from well-known artists like Lou Reed and Tom Verlaine to some of the key figures who influenced them such as Tony Conrad and Henry Flynt. As a peer and someone who has an enormous passion and respect for the artists he’s interviewing, Alan has a unique knack for getting everyone to open up to him and deliver a lively exchange.

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