Book Musik 052 – The Lyrics of Syd Barrett

The Lyrics of Syd Barrett

Tosh and Kimley discuss The Lyrics of Syd Barrett with a foreword by Peter Jenner and an introduction by Rob Chapman. Barrett was not only a founding member of Pink Floyd but was also the lead singer and primary songwriter for the band. After their first album, his presence in the band quickly diminished and their creative trajectory completely changed. He went on to put out two solo albums which are still highly regarded and very unique in the pop world. And then he disappeared from the pop-rock world entirely perhaps due to mental health issues, drug issues or a giant fuck-you to the rock ‘n’ roll machinery that he just couldn’t abide. The crazy diamond, rock ‘n’ roll mythology surrounding Syd is fun to explore but his lyrics make it abundantly clear that he was a true artist in every sense of the word.

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